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Health Education

Focus on program development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation aimed at preventing Mental Health Disorders, promoting proactive measures of self-management, early screening among patients and assistance with health care system navigation. The Health Educator coordinates Self-Management Programs with sustainable shifts.


What are the task and responsibilities of the Health Educator?


Whole-Person Health Coaching


  • Physical Health

    • hydration, nutrition, movement, sleep and help keep patient accountable to their doctors recommendation for physical conditions​

  • Mental Health

    • stress, grief, burnout, caregiving, or any difficult transition with health or family health conditions​

  • Emotional Health

    • regulation, acceptance, social communications, and prioritizing​

  • Spiritual Health

    • connection, self-acceptance, identity, and sense of purpose​

In order to be referred to the program, a referral must be sent by your family physician.

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