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Mental Health

The Kapuskasing and Area Family Health Team (KAFHT) does not provide crisis services. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, call the local crisis line at (705) 335-8468.

The KAFHT offers structured, short-term clinical services to those experiencing challenges in their life. Our focus is to educate and motivate individuals towards developing goals and skills that will support their mental health and well being.

Mental health intake screening assesses if a client's needs fits within the scope of the KAFHT counselling services. Appropriate referral suggestions may be offered as part of the intake process. Individual short-term counselling is available to patients of the KAFHT who are 16 years or older and who were referred by their family physician. At this time, the KAFHT Mental Health services is unable to support complex or long-term support and services.



In order to be referred to the program, a referral must be sent by your family physician.

Your role:

You can gain the most from psychotherapy when:

  • You recognize that talking about your feelings and your thoughts is important

  • You understand that bringing a change requires work on your part and will take time

  • You are prepared to take responsibility for trying out new avenues as discussed during psychotherapy sessions

  • You are willing to come regularly for your psychotherapy appointments and participate actively

The role of the Mental Health Worker:

Through a non-judgmental and empathic therapeutic approach, the Mental Health Worker will bring extensive professional knowledge and best-practice clinical skills to help you:

  • Understand your problem(s) and your strengths from a wider point of view

  • Identify alternative courses of action and help you to understand the possible results of these actions

  • Find a sense of direction and support through the work you undertake

  • Encourage you to make necessary decisions and support while you carry them out

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